Time Machine Oscars

Movie fans often watch the Oscars, even though we believe they pick the wrong winners most of the time. That little golden man brings a lot of vindication to our favorite movies, yet so few of them have claimed him.

Fortunately, I have come into possession of a device that will enable me to travel back in time to alter history as we know it.  Do I use this power to save my deceased loved ones or invest in Star Wars merchandise in 1976? No way!

Utilizing hindsight and advancements in vote-tampering technology, I will travel back in time to alter the results of the Academy Awards throughout the ages to ensure the right people walk away with Oscar gold.

Who I am to decide who should win and who should have awards glory stripped from them? Am I above the narcissistic self-congratulation and personal biases that Academy voters often fall prey to? Not at all. I’m just a guy with a time machine and the power to reshape cinematic history in his image.

If you’d like to recommend a year I should visit and tamper with, remember to email me at cinemusts@gmail.com or fill out the form on our contact page.

The catalog of my chronicles can be found below.